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Moussa Diaw (say Moose-uh Jow, sounds like "goose-a-cow") looks about half of his thirty-something years.  But his ability to explain the people and traditions of Senegal shows wisdom far beyond his years.

moussa!.jpg (14069 bytes)Moussa is a Serer through and through.   The Serer are a small, some would say dwindling, ethnicity in western Senegal, where they are outnumbered by Wolofs, the predominant ethnic group in Senegal.   Having grown up under the watchful eye of his elderly uncle in a small village not far from Jaol, the traditional Serer capital, Moussa absorbed everything about what it means to be a part of a minority ethnic group.  The legends, stories, villages, traditions.  And he loves to talk about his heritage.  And show it to foreigners. 

But most of all, he always has fun.

Moussa is WAJ's primary point of contact in Senegal.  He has lived in the town of Mbour since he finished high school, with some time out to travel for a few months in Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.  Fluent in five languages that we know of, he is rarely able to stay at home for even a few hours.  His tours can be fast-paced, so let him know if you'd like to relax for a day or so !!

Moussa and LeslyeMoussa has truly found his calling as a tour guide.  He has an incredible knack for knowing just what the traveler wants to see - and he finds it.  And once there, his stories illumine the culture and the region like no historian ever could.   You'll be laughing and learning all the way back to America!

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