West African Journey

Our guides are either nationals of the region or westerners who have lived in the region and speak the languages.  We realized years ago that the best way to see West Africa is to see it with friends who live there, and our guides have many friends who will quickly become yours.  WAJ's primary guide is Moussa Diaw.  Wendy Gning and Rick Weller are the founders of the company and are present on most of the tours.  All three are knowledgeable, friendly, laid-back, and adventurous.  Rick and Wendy were Peace Corps Volunteers in Senegal, and Moussa has been a tour guide for much of his life.  Most importantly, all three love the region and the cultures and wish to share with others.

Together, they will lead you to places and people unimagined by most travelers.  West African Journey avoids the beaten path of hotels and restaurants in favor of the homes and kitchens of West Africa's villages.  Throughout a journey, the guides will look out for your health and safety, keeping in mind water and food quality, as well as access routes to police stations and hospitals.

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Moussa and LeslyeOur mission is to use our knowledge and understanding of West Africa to provide an arena for cultural exchange. This two way street will impart on the people of West Africa a glimpse into the lives of their guests.  At the same time the traveler, through temporary immersion, will receive insight into the land and lives of the peoples of West Africa.  The traveler will experience first-hand a culture completely different from his/her own.

Broadening horizons, whether through a good book, good conversation or extensive travel, can only increase one's understanding of life.  This is the experience of the guides of West African Journey. 

And it is also our goal -  to encourage Americans to witness first-hand the cultural diversity of West Africa, and thus open their eyes to a new world.  Simultaneously, a cultural exchange occurs when our hosts receive a glimpse of your lives and ways of living.

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