West African Journey

  EXPECTATIONS of a West African Journey:

West Africa Greets the Worldcheckbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT hospitality. West Africans are the warmest, most open of people. Come stay in their homes.

checkbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT the unimaginable. Visit villages and people beyond the reach and scope of most travelers.

checkbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT to eat well and keep healthy. Enjoy tasty, nutritious, and filling meals prepared by locals in their own manner. Two large meals and a small breakfast every day.

checkbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT tradition. Visit villages and cultures little influenced by modern technologies and tourism.

West African Villages!!!checkbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT novelty. No two journeys are alike.

checkbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT flexibility. Our small groups allow you to have an input into your journey. If you have your own group, even better.

checkbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT  to bring home the memories of a lifetime.

checkbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient guides. We have lived (or live) in the region and understand local languages, as well as French and English. If we can’t explain something that we run across, we’ll find someone who will.

Study about Travel in Africacheckbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT  to come prepared. To get the most from our journey, please use our website, your local library and any other resources to find out as much as you can about the history, cultures, and the lay of the land of the country/countries you will be visiting. Also, please visit your doctor well in advance of departure.

checkbox.gif (900 bytes)  EXPECT to be challenged, awakened, inspired and revitalized!!

EXPECT to Have Fun !

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