West African Journey


West Africa will not be your typical vacation.  Maybe it can better be thought of as a glamorous camping trip.   We offer you the following tips to help plan any trip:

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  Pack light, if possible in one manageable backpack and a "carry-on"

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  Don't worry if you can't stick to your itinerary, just don't miss your flight home

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  Bring a stash of $1 and $5 bills, in case changing money becomes difficult -  they're great gifts, too

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  While planning your journey, talk to someone who knows the area

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  Well before leaving, consult your doctor about immunizations and other preventative medicine

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  Baseballs hats, T-shirts, jeans or other popular items can be bartered, or given as gifts

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  Bring powdered Gatorade, Kool-aid or similar drink mixes - these are good for re-hydration in the tropic climate.   The sugar to add is readily available.

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  Durable, lightweight water bottles will be useful

checkbox.gif (204 bytes) Be sure that your luggage is tightly fastened and clearly labelled

checkbox.gif (204 bytes)  Alert your tour guides of any medical conditions which you have; bring a brief, written description of any info which a doctor should know about

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