West African Journey

Teranga.  Hospitality.  This Wolof word is the essence of West Africa.  West Africa boasts some of the most original cultures remaining in the world, and their homes are always open to visitors.  We have learned to love the region and its people, and we hope that through our journeys that we can share what we have found with you too.

Dogon Country, Central
 MaliWhy travel to West Africa?
West Africa offers the adventure of villages rarely seen by Westerners and enthusiastic hosts willing to offer you their homes for a few nights.  Such opportunities await the traveler who, bringing along his/her curiosity, wishes to go and find them.

You likely have some ideas about what travel in West Africa is like.  Rest assured that this is not your typical vacation.  But while the journey may at time be challenging, the experience is that much more rewarding.

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"We travel to learn; and I have never been in any country where they did not do something better than we do it; think some thoughts better than we think; catch some inspiration from the heights above our own."  --Maria Mitchell (1867)