West African Journey

Some realities . . .
Please, however, keep in mind that West Africa is an underdeveloped region.  Our host villages may not have electricity or plumbing.  The region lies between 5 and 15 degrees North latitude, which is in the tropics which are naturally hotter  than the continental U.S.  Roads may be unpaved and difficult to travel.  If you have a medical or other needs which demand specialattention, this journey may not be for you.

Rice farming along the Senegal River

Like anywhere in the world, there are some diseases in West Africa with which our bodies are unfamiliar.  Please visit the Center for Disease Control Web site for medical advice as you plan your journey and consult your doctor well in advance of leaving.

In addition, we strongly encourage the purchase of travel insurance as well as medical evacuation insurance.

Link to the State Department's website on Travel in West Africa.

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